14 February 2023

Valentine's Day. The day of love. Perhaps not a day when you immediately think of rubber... or maybe you do.

Our rubber profiles are available in appropriate red, but we supply many more (bright) colours. For example, silicone rubber profiles are available in many colours, and these rubbers are also resistant to very high (300°C) and very low (-60°C) temperatures. They have a long life and can be produced according to FDA standards for use in the food industry, for example.

TPE, short for Thermoplastic Elastomer, is also available in more colors than just black or gray. This artificial rubber is elastic at room temperature and can withstand great stretch or pressure. When heated, it becomes soft (thermoplastic). These rubber profiles are highly resistant to ageing, oxidation, they are weather, ozone and acid resistant and flexible.

We are happy to tell you more about our profiles. Take a look at our website or send us an e-mail at info@rhimex.com share our knowledge!


08 February 2023

It is beautiful winter weather this week, with white frost on the fields early in the morning and a nice sun during the day. This is the way to get through February!

The low temperatures seemed like a good time to take a closer look at our silicone profiles! The beauty of these profiles is that they are very resistant to low, but also extremely high temperatures. These can vary from -60°C to 300°C!

The silicone rubbers remain flexible for a long time, have a long lifespan and are highly resistant to weather influences. The rubber can be produced in many (bright) colors (such as this blue), but also transparent.

Silicone profiles can be produced from an FDA-approved compound with a high tear and tensile strength, for example for the food industry.

If you would like more information about our rubber profiles, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to share our knowledge!


19 January 2023

 Rhimex supplies over 5000 rubber profiles from stock in factories in the EU. Glued or vulcanized corners, inflation profiles, and profiles in different colors are just a few of the many possibilities.

If the rubber profile you are looking for is not available in our wide range, we can have it custom made for you, in specific lengths or, for example, in frames. For €95 we will make a tool for you for exactly the rubber profile you need. The possibilities are endless!

Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you!


29 November 2022

The holidays are coming, and that's the time we want to be at home together warm and cosy. Draft is an unwanted guest!

Our rubber profiles, such as this self-adhesive D-profile made of sponge rubber, are the perfect way to seal windows and doors so that drafts don't stand a chance.

For more information about our rubber profiles, visit our website and contact us. We are happy to help you. For now we wish you a happy Sinterklaasweekend!


15 November 2022

Are you getting the chills because of drafty windows?

There is a solution! Check out our (self-adhesive) renovation window and door profiles. These profiles provide perfectly windtight windows again and you do not lose any valuable heat in your home or business premises.

We are happy to advise you about the possibilities! Check out our website or send an e-mail to info@rhimex.com without obligation.


08 November 2022

  Everyone is affected by the high energy prices. 

In addition to the old traditional Dutch topic "the weather", energy consumption is currently the topic of conversation. Tips are exchanged at the coffee machine about measures to save, ranging from behavioral changes (fewer lights on, use less hot water) to adjustments in the house.

In many older homes, heat loss due to drafts at the windows is a problem. It is unpleasant and precious heat is lost. That's a shame!

A good window seal can largely prevent or solve this problem. Our renovation profiles are suitable for many types of window systems, including wood, aluminium, plastic and steel.Please visit www.Rhimex.com for more information and contact us. We are happy to help you so that you stay nice and warm this winter!


30 June 2022

You will find our rubber profiles everywhere!

Rubber profiles are indispensable in the transport sector. We have been supplying manufacturers of city buses, coaches, trains and trams for years. Many doors or hatches are watertight and beautifully finished with our profiles!

The application of rubber profiles is very versatile. We have satisfied customers in the food industry, windmill industry, bodywork and trailer construction, shipbuilding and cabin construction.

Are you a developer, engineer or otherwise involved in the manufacturing of a product and do you need a rubber profile to seal or finish, please contact us, we will be happy to help you find the right profile! At Rhimex you are assured of personal contact and expert advice.


26 May 2022

Hydrogen is the future!

Last Monday we were guests at the unveiling and christening of the hydrogen boat of the Hydro Motion Boat team of the TU Delft. After years of developing solar powered boats, the team explored the possibilities of hydrogen and created the first flying hydrogen boat.

We are proud to have contributed to this achievement!

Are you also designing or developing a product and do you need a finish or seal? Our rubberprofiles offer endless possibilities.Visit our website www.rhimex.com and contact us. We are happy to help and inform you.

23 May 2022

Heat and cold.....doesn't matter!

Silicone profiles are very suitable for applications in heat and cold, and they are extremely UV-resistant.

For example, for one of our customers we supplied a silicone profile for LED strips in Dubai. The old material that the customer used broke down due to the bright sun and he was looking for a more sustainable solution, and we were able to offer it.

We supply silicone profiles in different transparency and in all kinds of colours.

Check out www.rhimex.com for more options.

31 January 2022

If you need a seal for an engine hatch, bus hatch, (industrial) windows or doors, in shipbuilding, or do you need a finish in a cabin, ventilation system or trailer, then you have come to the right place.

 For all these applications and many others, we can advise you on the right rubber profile.